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Forex Paradise Bank Processing status—–SCAM

What is the current status of Forex Paradise?

Nearly 300,000 investors are really worried about the status of Forex Paradise. Most of the promotional offers which was started close to July-August 2016 are ending in october. Many Investors amount are matured, and entered in to a process called “Bank Processing”

What is Bank Processing means?

Once you plan is matured, Forex paradise requires some time to withdraw the money from their bank to the respective wallets, As of now, this is 20 business days, I know this is a long period. As per the update from support, they have limits to withdraw the money from bank, currently it is 150,000 and the requirement is more than 200,000 per day in multiple wallets.This process is not just withdrawing from bank, they need to transfer the money from their Forex account to the bank, as stated by support, it is not easy as wallet transfer, this definitely requires much time.

As a compensation, they are giving around 0.2 to 0.5% interest to your account balance for the amount matured, these can be withdrawn easily in case of bitcoin, perfect money , payeer, I guess neteller and skrill are not instant.


Forex Paradise current withdrawal status

As we mentioned, majority of the withdrawals are at bank processing and very few investors were able to withdraw big amounts like 6btc , these are forum updates, we don’t have any evidence of this withdrawal, We have closely monitoring forex paradise bitcoin wallet and find daily withdrawals are happening, means the bank processing interest part.

Is Forex Paradise turned to Scam or scam warnings

There are clear evidence at this moment that forex paradise has turned to scam, First sign of scams are website shutting down, support page disappears etc, that has couple of days back, It is over guys, this is the not the first time we are seeing a website going scam.

Worried factors

Website loading is very slow due to heavy traffic in the website.I hope forex paradise will fix this issue soon.

Withdrawal Proofs

There are many withdrawal proofs in FB groups of ours, you can just join and see it yourself, since some of the investors may not be interested to share the screenshots, we are not sharing it here

Please visit our FB group here

Please note , below is a fake page of Forex paradise, they may demand money like 0.5 btc to 2btc, don’t faill in that trap.

Forex Paradise Fake FB page  Please don’t send any money to any one

I know you have 100 of questions in mind, Please free to ask your questions here and at the same time we would suggest you to reach out to support of forex paradise , instead of live chat support.

Latest update from Forex Paradise

We are taking forex paradise to the scam list, as there are no communication from the company after Nov 1st as the first sign forexparadise.help disappeared with chat support. Secondly there are lot of facebook pages started saying they are FP, all of them were scam, including the recent FP finance page. We have a good experience with other Hyip , this is not the first one we are seeing, at one point all company shutdown the same way.


If there is a change in status, we will push this website back to white list, the chances are not even 0.1%.  HYIP has risks involved, if you cannot afford this loss, Please don’t invest in this kind of investment, any thing which you find more than unusual interest, think 10 times before you join, Good lesson for us also, Some of you might have asked , FP is paying us for keeping this post, it is not, I am also a investor like others. If you want more info contact your sponsor or the website which you have joined under FP and not us, I cannot approve those post which is abusive,threatened as well as the things what I cannot answer. Thanks for the understanding.



Thanks for your time , reading this post.Forex Paradise Scammed

129 comments on “Forex Paradise Bank Processing status—–SCAM”

  1. Excellent review this will help many people who are waiting for their payouts.

    1. Mr Amal says:

      today (25-12-2016), still web Forex Paradise down..So sad.

  2. mMahboib says:

    Very informative. But still fever in our mind, very hard to get our money.

    1. admin says:

      online investment always have a risk, if you are not comfortable with that risk, don’t invest……Simple as that……………..

    2. Alyse says:

      ForexParadise Support has disappeared.

      1. admin says:

        Wait till Nov8

  3. Mahbob says:

    what will be after 20 Days

    1. admin says:

      Wait and watch, I know some people in our group got the withdrawal after 20 days, not business days, just 20 days

  4. Wansun Yu says:

    Good explanation. And it makes me more comfortable. I hope everything goes fine in the end.Thank you

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Wansun

  5. jogya says:

    i have 3 plans on Bank processing for last 10 days. I hope to get my money.

    Thank u for the clarifying. I was worried if only my plans are on bank processing.

    1. admin says:

      yes, many are in the same place

  6. Mohamed Hamad says:

    hi guys can u please advice about what is the diffrent between total earned and account balance ? cause i see my total earned 718 but balance is 0, Thank you

    1. admin says:

      Account balance is the amount you can withdraw, earned balance is your earning from the deposits. Go to deposits and look for new a entry called bank processing, you have to wait for 20 working days for the amount to credit to account balance which you can withdraw to wallet or reinvest.

  7. Ngalle says:

    Thanks for the information . Fever in the minds though , mainly bcz it’s my very first time to invest in hyips. I am left with 15 days for the 20 days to elapse n 19 days for the other program. Bless you

    1. admin says:

      You have to be utter cautious about investing online, it is not 50,70, it is 100% risk, person who pushed you to an hyip should have told you the risk involved. Better be careful from next time…………

  8. Ngalle says:

    I have read several pages suggesting the payment delayance as a tactic to steal from us. I have seen any screenshot to suggest that from the time they started to refer investors to bank transfer, it’s been more than 20 days n there no one has taken a screen short

  9. Realist says:

    I hate to ask so I can only hope your just naive but are FP paying you to post this info? What i’ve written below isn’t attacking you personally and will prove your websites independent credibility and your adult enough to see the fairness in a non bullying and non trolling post adding additional facts to the issue that’s causing many negative emotions in members.

    A. No one is withdrawing any more than a couple of dollars.

    B. They aren’t paying 0.5%. I’m receiving 75cents a day when 0.5% of my balance is $1900.00 yes $1900.00. I have a small islands GDP in my account.

    C. No response after 5 support tickets over 7 days.

    D. Numerous emails to all supposed company email addresses for no reply.

    E.They DO have the capacity to be paying members who invested via bitcoin with ONE of their bitcoin wallets See link > https://blockchain.info/address/1FXqE2ixnnSB1kvwbMtWma5xQ2bVbkSq3f

    F. The amount invested on the main screen now also represents members finished plans in I guess what’s a move to further dupe possible new members. Just before it went like that it was around 84mill out and 111m In. Minus the odd few new investors deposits they will walk away with 25-27 MILLION DOLLARS IN PROFIT.

    I could go on and on and don’t take this as an attack at yourself but all I’ve done is add further and provable counter arguments. I’m sorry but they’re simply extending the exit scam to rip off the few uneducated new members that haven’t bothered to investigate if there’s any current problem. I’m as jacked off everyone else if not more. It’s disgusting what these people do.

    1. admin says:

      Same with every one bro, I am also a investor like you, I have no direct contacts with FP and FP never asked me to post this. From 21st onwards, I am also not getting the interests on bank processing. What we can do is, wait and watch.

  10. Duy says:

    Hello, i have 3 accounts playing FP.
    1 account have deposit 200000$ but unable to log in anymore.
    Others is logged in nomarlly.
    Anyone the same situation???

    1. admin says:

      There are no problems with login, it is working fine for us, There are no problems am aware of for the last 2 days, after they upgraded the server.

      1. Duy says:

        Yeah other is OK but the account with plan 25% weekly is unable to log in.
        I press log in and nothing happen, i open in Anonymous Tab and try but the same result.
        I also already checked on my smartphone and other smartphone but noway to log in.
        Chat with support but they said try again later ^^

        1. admin says:

          Support has huge number of tickets piled up, so reaching support is not easy , I would advise you to reach them immediately, if there is a ticket opened, closed the opened ticket or modify that ticket and send again, nothing else you can do, Live support cannot help much…..


          1. Ngalle says:

            Fp paradise is made up of a team of people who have decided to empty people’s account . The deposit is 143 million and the withdrawals stand at 85m. Imagine that gap. Right now u can’t even access your account bcz to log in doesn’t work . What a group of thieves . I wish that pay for this one day

          2. admin says:

            You might have lost money some where and has a decent experience in HYIP , if you are so much worried and can’t handle this kind of situation , you should not have invested in the first go …. sorry, all you can do is wait till they said….. if you have not joined the fb group , join there , 3 guys got full pay out after maturing ……

          3. Ngalle says:

            I have joint the fb page and I have seen any credible screen shot to prove payments have been done after the waiting period. Most elapsed 20 days are still gnashing their teeth

  11. admin says:

    May not be huge as you expect , Minimum 3 have got got close to 1 btc , after plan maturity , check in the fb group , you should get it , check for the last one week post……

  12. ganesan says:

    I heard now they say wait till Nov 8

  13. jogya says:

    yes, since 21st Oct they stop paying bank processing bonus. When i checked with the support chat service, they informed me to wait for 24 hrs.

    For the support ticket , they responded me 3 tickets and 2 are pending.

    I was also informed to send me Forex Parsdise debit card as a compensation for the delay after 2 weeks from 13th October. Hopefully they will abide by the promise

  14. Anna says:

    What is the forex paradise original facebook. Can give me the link? Thanks

    1. admin says:

      not sure about the FB fan page.

  15. Ngalle says:

    Who has logged in to fb in the last 8 hours , bcz I haven’t been able

    1. Hoang Viet Pham Duy says:

      the same like me. unable to log in.
      nothing happen.

      1. admin says:

        I logged in today, but initial login page is timing out many times…….

        1. ganesan says:

          use mozilla firefox browser

    2. Duy says:

      The same like me. Cant log in

      1. admin says:

        I logged in today, but initial login page is timing out many times.

  16. esme says:

    hi, i am a new investor in forex paradise. my plan just expired today. but my account balance is still showing “zero”. can you help me when my earned amount will reflect in my account balance?

  17. Risman says:

    Can you give me FB group link?

      1. Risman says:

        The link cannot open

        1. admin says:

          group privacy is changed to secret….so not searchable…

  18. Akintola Lukman Bayo says:

    This is my conversation with Forexparadise.biz support:

    Hello Sir
    Please wait for an agent. There are currently 1 visitor(s) waiting to be served.
    Andrea R. joined the chat
    Andrea R.
    Hello, how may i help you today?
    Akintola Lukman Bayo
    Why did you stop daily payment on my brothers Classic 430 plan.

    His Username is Akintola2017.
    Why did you stop daily payment on my brothers Classic 430 plan? I think that one is not on “Bank Processing”
    Andrea R.
    All delayed payments will be made in full
    Akintola Lukman Bayo
    Andrea R.
    Bank process will continue for approximately the next 2 weeks. Expected payment date is November 8
    Akintola Lukman Bayo
    Why did you suddenly change your payment decision?
    What is the assurance that you will pay that money on 8th November?
    Andrea R.
    What assurance do you need? That is the time all pending payments will be made
    Akintola Lukman Bayo
    I just want to know why your “Bank Processing” is affecting Classis 430 plan?

    I think the accrual is supposed to be on daily basis as you normally do before.
    I mean on Classic 430 plan.

    Andrea R.
    All delayed payments will be made in full
    Akintola Lukman Bayo
    On November 8th
    Andrea R.
    Akintola Lukman Bayo
    Can you please just let me know the reason?
    So that I will know what to tell my people.
    Andrea R.
    Recently there are many long term deposits that have ended and the company has to process many withdrawal requests every day. That’s why financial officers had to resort to bank services to cover all expenses and comply with all requests. However, bank payments are processed not as quickly as electronic ones, so investors have to wait 15-20 days in order to receive requested funds.

    Second thing that’s currently delaying normal functioning of the project is the upcoming Forex Paradise convention. Almost all administrative staff and all senior managers are involved into preparatory process for this Hong Kong convention, that’s why there is a slight delay in the work.
    Akintola Lukman Bayo
    Why can’t you dedicate that convention job to another party that will not involve your Admin Managers?
    So as to protect the integrity of this project.
    Andrea R.
    It is our first convention, all is expected to contribute
    Akintola Lukman Bayo
    Are you sure you will pay all our money on 8th of November when the Convention will be going on?
    And there will be no excuse again.
    Andrea R.
    Yes we are, or else we wouldn’t be issuing this information.
    Is there anything else i can help you with?
    Akintola Lukman Bayo
    Nothing but when our profit will be paid?
    If you are very sure that convention will hold on 7th to 15th of November you supposed to have paid all our money before that date.
    Andrea R.
    As I said before, On or before November 8th
    Akintola Lukman Bayo
    Ok, Thanks
    Andrea R.
    You are welcome

    Please do something to resolve this issue of pending profits, because our people were not happy.
    Andrea R.
    We are aware
    Akintola Lukman Bayo
    We like your project if it continues, it will help a lot of us.
    We resort to this project because we cannot trade Forex on our own.
    So you are the last hope that we investors have.
    Andrea R.
    Then please wait the required time as I mentioned quite a few times.
    Akintola Lukman Bayo

  19. Bill says:

    Got an email from Stefan yesterday, basically selling this promo of a 50% bonus on investments. VERY glad I found this page before giving them anything. Looks to me like people have done well with them over the long haul, but may have run into issues. I’ll be watching this situation closely, as this seems to be one of the only programs that at least made payments at SOME point. HYIPs appear to me to be nearly all scams, and it’s great to be able to come to a site like this and find out what’s what. Thanks!

    1. admin says:

      Yes Bill

      I would request you to wait till November 8,that is the last date support has given to many people, for their delayed payouts and compensation. Payouts are not fully stopped at this point, it is restricted with daily limits, if you try a bigger amount, it does not work, but smaller amount withdrawal it works.

  20. Joao says:

    Chat is down and support not responds. probably gamer over :/

    1. admin says:

      not sure, you can wait till nov8, I guess they have nothing more to say in chat, because last 15-20 days, they are telling the same stuffs.

      1. joao arthur says:

        My friend admin, I am strongly hoping you’re right dear friend! Let’s wait then.

  21. KAGI says:


    1. admin says:

      Very sorry to say, still some payouts are happening, I have seen a big payout today, We cannot list them at this moment to Scam, Since we are able to withdraw small amounts on a daily basis, not referral commissions, just earnings. We will wait till Nov 8, possibly Nov 16 till convention gets over. Don’t get emotional , this type of investment always has a risk involved, if you have taken this risk, then you have to face the same, Like others we also have some reasonable losses here.

      1. admin says:

        Use this page , forex paradise official FP page.


        1. joao arthur says:

          Thanks admin! it motivates us to stay calm.

  22. Alexsis says:

    Hi everyone,I would like to share my current experience with FP.I do have 2 plans waiting the 20days maternity period as can be seen on this info which i paste from my acc history

    2016-11-01 13:00:02 134.797 SUPERIOR EXPRESS 2016-05-30 12:23:57 40.8
    2016-11-01 13:00:02 0 SUPERIOR EXPRESS 2016-05-30 12:23:57 40.8
    2016-11-01 13:00:02 711.936 SUPERIOR EXPRESS 2016-05-30 12:23:57 204
    2016-11-01 13:00:02 0 SUPERIOR EXPRESS 2016-05-30 12:23:57 204
    2016-10-21 15:50:06 0.260579 Bank Processing 2016-10-16 15:20:13 521.159
    2016-10-20 15:40:20 0.521159 Bank Processing 2016-10-16 15:20:13 521.159
    2016-10-19 15:33:57 0.521159 Bank Processing 2016-10-16 15:20:13 521.159
    2016-10-18 15:30:06 0.521159 Bank Processing 2016-10-16 15:20:13 521.159
    2016-10-17 15:21:25 0.521159 Bank Processing 2016-10-16 15:20:13 521.159

  23. Akintola says:

    I help my brother to withdraw $2.67 yesterday from Classic 430 plan and it goes instantly. I don’t know what will happen today and Nov. 8th. May be they have decided to close their public means of communication because of too much pressure on payment request. Let’s wait and see, it is not over until it is over.

  24. joao arthur says:

    Or do you wait until the 20th of November or you deposit between 0.5 and 2 btc in a support wallet for them to release their money! Sinister, if someone had the courage and please received post for us

    1. admin says:

      Please don’t send any money, Don’t make more losses for yourself.

      1. joao arthur says:

        Admin that Facebook and the guys are wanting is extorting people desperate for your profits! does eh same officer?

        1. admin says:

          yes I know it, I have warned and updated in my website now, it is a scam FB page not running by actual FP.

  25. Matt says:

    I cannot withdraw anything since monday this week.
    Nothing is being added to my balance.
    Before it had been $0.75/day.

    1. admin says:

      it is halted till Nov 8 as per the last update, none of us are getting any compensation of bank processing from 21st.

  26. Kirik says:

    Actually, how many days FP ha$ operate?

    1. admin says:

      The days mentioned in the website is true , I know them for the last 14 months.

  27. KAGI says:


    1. admin says:

      No updates from any one. I told you already Payments are on hold till Nov 8th. I have no clue about why chat is not working, heard from some source it is technical issue, but hard to believe, Sorry I am also a investor like you, not an admin from forex paradise team………. Thanks for your understanding.

  28. KAGI says:


  29. Viera says:

    I think that their site will never work, they disappeared, it is a plane and they already flying, There is no reason that website did not work and not paying, it is a scam

  30. Sac says:

    True, Chat line is down, their Support page is down.
    I just hope we all will get our returns back such that we can continue investing in this company.

    I just believe that it is all true!

    1. admin says:

      they have taken it down, because they have no new answers ,wait till Nov 8

      1. Sac says:

        As per my maturity of plans, 20 days is 11th of Nov.. So I might have to wait till 11 Nov.

        Also in FB they say it will take till Nov 20 now.

        I really hope they pay as per they promised, Already lost money to a few of the Scams (like Instacoins).. and this is my last hope to recover the lost money.

        1. admin says:

          Best of luck.

  31. jogya says:

    hi admin , do you know what is mean by ”upgrade” in forex paradise. do we need to pay them

    1. Sac says:

      I seriously, doubt the “Upgrade” process, It doesn’t make any sense, when they Bank processing will 20 days to get through, what does this instant processing by Upgrade mean ? Sounds very tricky.. When they dont even know who the investor is who have asked for Upgrade.

      1. jogya says:

        i contacted support through FP group. I need to deposit 0.5 to 1 BTC to upgrade my account and then immediately i can withdraw my money + the amount i deposited to upgrade.

        I ma not sure so i said i will wait till 8th Nov and check for the bank processing status.

        1. sac says:

          It is not support ! it is someone trying to do a cheap trick on our desperation, I dont know how FB allows people to impersonate companies.

          They send me the same details, asking me to deposit .5 to 2 BTC in their own wallet 🙂

          What a pathetic attempt.. I’m playing along with this joker 😀

          1. admin says:

            I already warned in the page , don’t fall in to the same old traps …..

          2. sac says:

            That A** has sent a new BTC wallet address, for me to send .5 BTC to him 😀
            And is expecting me to put money saying they will immediately give me my mature amount.

            I asked for people who got their upgrade and withdrew, he is sharing two people, who got duped! I am going to ask them if they got it.

  32. Klio says:

    Good day i have deposited some bitcoins to yhe plan of 35% a day for 8 days and my plan matured on the 31st of october and bitcoin transaction are said to be instant do you peharps know why it is on bank processing because it is said that bitcoin withdrawals are instant

    1. admin says:

      it should be showing as total earned, it has to come to account balance, the guys who are entered in to bank processing from Oct 5 onwards are still waiting, I think you may need to wait another one month or more easily, if FP settles the payout.

  33. michae ebuka says:

    Please admin my investment matured on the 4th of November and it appeared only in the total earned and no money is on my balance…and I saw 1200$ as total deposit wch I did not reinvest…how do I process my withdrawal to be on bank procession and how long do I wait

    1. admin says:

      Can’t say, I guess may be a month or more. Lets wait, till they come back on Nov 8th.

  34. michae ebuka says:

    Admin good day..I checked but didn’t see any option like bank procession…wat should I do

    1. admin says:

      Go to earning history as well as deposits and check what is showing there, if your plan is matured, then it should agree.

        1. michae ebuka says:

          I checked my history and I noticed that my plan matured and I got 600$ but I also noticed that it was automatically reinvested without me asking for it and I still have 600$ in my earned balance…am just confused

          1. admin says:

            it should be in bank processing, go to deposit history and see

        2. admin says:

          I have seen on the first day of lauunch, Since FP communication channels are very poor, I have not keep any information here.

          1. bibang says:

            hi any update sa FP for today?

          2. admin says:

            no updates

  35. michae ebuka says:

    Forex paradise website isn’t openin anymore…HV u noticed it

    1. bibang says:

      lets wait for tomorrow as promised

      1. bibang says:

        but how can tomorrow will come if we cannot reach the website? how can we withdraw our earnings if we cannot log in? does it make sense? but im still positive.. lets pray for FP

      2. admin says:

        next 12 hrs ,if FP is not opening, we will list them to Scam list.

    2. Silvia L. says:

      it’s true, FP website can not open – I think it is a SCAM

      1. admin says:

        next 12 hrs ,if FP is not opening, we will list them to Scam list.

    3. Nile says:

      cannot open sight today, very worried

    4. sardick says:

      Yeah confused, don’t no what to do

  36. Silvia Luedemann says:

    yes, it’s true, the website FP isn’t opening anymore… SCAM

  37. nile says:

    I cannot open the sight today and my email to support came back as permanently undeliverable, what is happening?

    1. admin says:

      next 12 hrs ,if FP is not opening, we will list them to Scam list.

      1. Sally Chew says:

        Today is a Big Day.
        We will back live today when server time reset 10 hours from now.
        When we back online today we remove this temporary support page because website support page will be enabled again. Thank you.


        1. admin says:

          Still I cannot believe this FB page, Even I am watching this space. If they come online then we can say they are back……….

          1. Michael Gehrmann-Gacasa says:

            Hi there, it looks like the site is down, but lets see if they come back!

  38. Mike says:

    The facebook page is gone…

    1. admin says:

      Facebook pages are just created, to loot more money from innocent people, that is why I said most are fake……

    1. Aik says:

      I feel sick in my stomach now!

    2. admin says:

      Yes , Not sure , how many made profit out of it, but I am also a loser here……

      1. Sac says:

        I lost 🙁

        I dont know if we should still wait for the money

        1. admin says:

          Yes bro, majority lost the money

  39. joao arthur says:

    Well friends I believe that Forex Paradise confirm with the biggest Scam in history so far: / day November 8 and nothing happened.

  40. hassan786 says:

    why this web is not responding is this web is scam i m very worried about this if this web will not open again then i will become insolvent please open the web and give me my payout i m very very worried about this it was trust full website so now whats happen why this web is not responding

    1. admin says:

      yes it is scammed.

  41. Hendrik says:

    lost $400 in the process… oh well.. let us find some other places to invest.. any recommendation?

    1. runs ds says:


      I am also a looser in FP.

      But for the last 6 months , I am with this company and getting payment without any problem. Pls check and take your decision with own judgement.

    2. admin says:

      surely will let you know, if any thing comes up.

  42. KAIWEILIN says:

    I don’t believe it

    I don’t think it possible

    I don’t think it possible

    1. KAIWEILIN says:

      Tell me it’s not true!

        1. admin says:

          These are all fake FB pages, which some scammers start to loot more money from people, if they asked you money again, just stay away…………..Understand the reality , FP is shutdown………..

  43. Staap says:

    There are some pple claiming that they are getting their refunds into their processor accounts

      1. How can we get help concerning our money.

  44. I want to know what happened to Forex Paradise because does not exist anymore. I have now two months waiting to be paid. I want the support to assist me by giving me a concrete advise.

  45. Sally Chew says:

    Hi admin

    so u think we are able to recover our money from this website?

    1. admin says:

      Hi Sally

      I am seeing this website for the first time, if they are asking any money upfront, Please stay away.I would suggest, Please go ahead and try.If you get a positive response, let us also know.

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